The staff at Bucks is friendly and unbeatable with their knowledge in all areas of the store. You can find the right person to talk to, whether you need paint, help with your seeds, or the right kind of food for your birds.

Catch of Fish
Buck's Hardware Long Ago
Vintage Snowmobile
Vintage Auto
Micah  Fish and Hunt....Fish and Hunt.....Fish and Hunt..."oh Ya, I've got schoolwork to do"  Fish and Hunt

Micah's Tips for You:

Jon ..He's all things fishing and a whole lot more!   Every week he keeps you "in the know" on where you should trailer the boat and drop your line.  

Jon's Tips for You:

Jon's totally absorbed in a good book, but he promises to have his "Jon's Recommended Movie List" ready   oh....sometime before fall.

You can call him Greg, You can call Monty, but only call him if you're bringing a White Castle!

Monty's Tips for You:

Monty"s  5 volume set "How To" Tips will be out shortly in both hard copy and e-copy.


A skilled carpenter, Mike can help make any home improvement project more manageable.

Mike Tips for You:

And straight from the builder:   Don't put nails in your mouth!

Mike's thoughts on fishing:  Go Fishing A Lot

Pet Tip:  Walk your dog Often

His favorite Hike:  Magnetic Rock Trail near the end of the Gunflint Trail
"Yes there really is a Buck at Buck's Hardware."   and this would be he.

The best times for Buck viewing is between the hours of open to close every day of the week.

"Hello there" I'll be Tracy and you'll be just one of our many favorite customers. 

Photo (250px wide) Sue

Sue's Tips for You:


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