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The  2017 Big Buck contest runs from the November 4th to the 19th 

Prizes include: 

1) a new rifle for the largest dressed weight,
2) half the prize money for the largest antler spread, and
3) the other half of the money goes to a drawing of all entered applicants.

Decisions are final as we try to do our best and remember that we use the same scale for everyone.

Hunting ethics and sportsmanship is required.

Buck's is a Big Game Registration Headquarters.

2015 Entrants


  1.  *Donny Lehto 252.8lbs WINNER--new rifle
  2.  Mark Harrington 243.8lbs
  3. Patrick O'Sullivan  228.2 lb


  1. *Seth Williams  21" WINNER--$1012.50
  2. *Dan Kort   21"  (tied) WINNER--$1012.50
  3. Jerry Lawrence  20 3/4"

Rusty Johnson, Hovland WINNER--$2025.00
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